SPE Student Chapter Leoben
SPE VBS: Tracer Technology in OMV

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The SPE Student Chapter Leoben would like to invite you to the fourth livestream of the distinguished lecture program from the SPE Vienna Basin Section.

Tracers have been successfully deployed over the last 50 years and could significantly enhance the reservoir description. Amongst classical applications like delineation of flow barriers, the successful design and evaluation of EOR projects also highly depends on inter-well tracer data.

The presentation gives an overview about tracer technology, covering the principle and origins of tracer technology and a summary of the requirements for successful application of different substances as tracers, including the required laboratory or field analytics.

Possible applications range from deployment of conventional (non-partitioning) tracers and include relatively short tests for residence times in facilities to long-time campaigns like inter-well tracer tests in oilfields. In combination with tracers partitioning into the oil phase, additional information like residual oil saturation can be derived. Case studies demonstrate the successful application of tracers in the Matzen Field, Austria.

The distinguish lecture is presented by Rainer Kadnar, Christoph Puls and Markus Lüftenegger.