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The SPE Mission Statement is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competencies.
We’re pleased to introduce the new board of our chapter, elected in the annual general meeting that saw the old board off and set the tone for the coming year. With ambitious goals for both the chapter and the student body set forth, the stalwart new members are eager to prove they’re equal to the task and then some.
We would like to take a moment to remind you to renew your membership in SPE International.
As part one of the oldest Mining Schools in Europe we thought that it would be good if the local Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter could somehow grow up to the level of our mother institute, so a couple of months ago we decided to create a whole new website for our chapter.

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