Chapter Mission Statement and Key Objectives

We look to this gilded statement as a guiding beacon in structuring and conducting our operations. Our adapted mission statement is to provide current students and incoming talent an operating platform to develop technical and professional competencies and industry engagement.

Weighing relevance against feasibility, we’d like to give an overview of the objectives we’ve set that we feel best encapsulate the core values of our Chapter. As an organization whose deeds and decisions hold the potential to shape students’ educational and professional experiences for the better, we always strive to adapt to the novelties and challenges of our milieu and industry. Forging ahead while consigned to stagnation is an oxymoron, and that’s why we’re focusing on not only fortifying the existing Chapter tenets but also laying the groundwork for developing the following:

Intensifying Industry Involvement

Ours is an exceptional industry, one that is transforming by leaps and bounds in view of socioeconomic and environmental considerations. Slated to become the engineers at the forefront of this paradigm shift, we’ll be responsible for continuing to secure the global energy supply while ensuring we’re part of long-term sustainability efforts. It’s now more than ever that we require the unconditional support of our industry in guiding us through these times of rapid change.

We maintain the stance that continuous exposure to the industry during one’s education is the key to producing evolved engineers equipped for tackling the evolving problems of the future. It’s to this end that we’ll continue cooperating with companies regionally and globally in intensifying efforts to provide opportunities to our students for jobs, internships, and informative programs in the form of technical talks and lectures. It’s our goal to make sure industry presence is felt more strongly than ever and to transcend boundaries between the different stages of a Petroleum Engineer’s educational and professional career.

Intensifying Dissemination of Technical Information and Knowledge through High-Quality Programs

This initiative seeks to pull out all stops in developing as diverse a platform as resources permit for our students and those of associated chapters. This platform would encompass across-the-board events that would raise awareness of and encourage engagement in the dissemination of knowledge, from technical conferences to paper contents, both in-house and interinstitutional.

There’re many non-technical benefits to be accrued from active involvement in such functions, which are often objects of considerable industry interest. Participation and profession are flip sides of the same coin, as the events are gateways to expanding one’s network and coming into contact with representatives that seldom fails to open doors of opportunity. It’s for these reasons that we want to include as many events into our repertoire and encourage our students to become involved, starting with our flagship SCOPE conference.

Furthermore, we’re setting a high value on holding in-house workshops, training courses (on subjects ranging from CV-writing to Data Sciences), and internal technical sessions.

Strengthening Community Core Values and Empowering Personal and Social Well-Being

We firmly believe that SPE carries the potential for being something more than a mere organization and all the bureaucratic features it entails. Rather, it’s a community; one that fosters a sense of belonging amongst its constituents, conjoined in shared goals and a common purpose. The relationships forged between the students hold value beyond an academic scope, particularly when done so towards bringing Chapter projects to life.

In cultivating communal inclusion and rapport, we want to pepper the students’ schedule with plenty of opportunities to wind down and blow off steam through socially stimulating events and meets, ranging from the famous annual BBQ to bowling nights and commemorative parties. Injecting a healthy dose of socializing into the educational experience, especially for the younger students, is crucial in maintaining a balanced approach to university life.

Strengthening Awareness of Petroleum Engineering for Non-Specialists and Potential Students

Along with increasing social awareness brought about by globalized connectivity come hurdles endemic to our industry. A facet of the modern Petroleum Engineer that’s of growing importance is the ability to communicate with society at large in a way that facilitates understanding and places an approachable face onto our profession. Openness and soft skills are of the essence. It is becoming our duty as future engineers to establish a dialogue with non-specialists and address issues in a way that dispels misapprehensions and misconceptions about our industry and its role in the world.

Part of this includes volunteering efforts as well as giving lectures for entry-level students at local schools through technical presentations, extensive discussions, and various case examples on what Petroleum Engineering is, its importance, and the role of engineers. The HSE aspects of our field are at the heart of the matter.

New Chapter Board 2020

The board positions have been occupied as follows:

  • President – Rusmir Helja
  • Vice-Pres – Patrick Jasek
  • Treasurer – Lukas Riegler
  • Secretary – Basel Al-Darwisch

Aiming to honor the legacy and build upon the accomplishments of the previous board iterations, we as the new board seek to blaze a trail through the coming year by setting into motion plans on propelling the chapter to new heights. Breaking new ground is a question of navigating the challenges of our ever-shifting environment in a forward-thinking nature all the while possessing a firm grasp on the essentials that have made our chapter what it is over its rich decades-long history. We’re determined to step up to the task and see through the implementation of new ideas and programs that will provide a plethora of opportunities that our students can harness tremendous value from.

We look forward to getting to know everyone and welcoming new members into the fold. The maelstrom of cooperation knows no bounds, and in working together we can build a thriving community and tackle that which is yet to come with success and ingenuity.

Keep Your SPE Membership Alive!

Dear SPE Student Chapter Leoben members!

We would like to take a moment to remind you to renew your membership in SPE International. It only takes a few seconds after logging in to your SPE account on Remember that Chevron offers to cover your membership fee of 15US-$ for student memberships.

Why should I renew my membership?

  • Don’t miss out on great opportunities to extend your knowledge, in conferences, workshops, distinguished lectures or webinars – the access to these events is less expensive for members (or even free!). This does not only include technical skills, but also soft skills like team work, leadership and other management-related topics.
  • Grow your network! SPE is an international organization, which does not only offer networking opportunities during conferences etc., but in fact also has its own social network, SPE Connect. There you can ask your questions to the community, and you can join interesting discussions on almost any burning matter of the industry.
  • Local events: Your SPE Student Chapter Leoben works hard to bring the best possible program directly to you. Be it our SCOPE Congress, the distinguished lectures in cooperation with the Vienna Basin Section, soft skill workshops or the upcoming series of technical and company presentations. If you prefer to keep it light, here are some highlights for socializing in the next academic year: the famous Oil BBQ in summer, or the upcoming movie night in November.
  • Field Trips to facilities in Austria and abroad (2014: Kazakhstan, 2015: Russia, 2016 Germany)
  • Join the League of Volunteers: SPE is a non-profit organization, and all we do is done in our free time. It is rewarding, and a great opportunity to take serious responsibility, so we can only recommend to join the SPE League of volunteers, spreading the spirit of SPE!

Hello World: We Have a New Website

It was a long road, but we just arrived. We have worked hard for months and months to be able to present a website to you and to the world which we can be proud of and which can help us spread the world about the news around our chapter and Montanuniversität Leoben.

The idea…

We hope, the new website will enable our readers to get know more, about our news, events right in front of the computer, or even on the go. Moreover, we would like to take this experience and value to a whole new level by collecting, and sharing stories, information, photos, knowledge about our industry and from our former students and industry professionals. With the new website we would like to create a long-life platform which can connect our past and present and through this: lead us to the future.

Some words about the structure

On the front page you can see the latest news, and some of our most important content like Students4Students. You can also start searching for content right in the header by clicking on the Search symbol in the top-right corner. In the Archives menu point you can filter what you are looking for by categories, tags and also by date. We have a separated section for the past and upcoming events in the Events menu point.

So, buckle up and start browsing, we have a lot to check!

If you like us, join us, and help us. Reaching more goals is only possible with your contribution.