SPE Student Chapter Leoben
New and Old – Crossroads
New Chapter Board 2020
04. 05. 2020
SPE Student Chapter Leoben
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  • We’re pleased to introduce the new board of our chapter, elected in the annual general meeting that saw the old board off and set the tone for the coming year. With ambitious goals for both the chapter and the student body set forth, the stalwart new members are eager to prove they’re equal to the task and then some.

    The board positions have been occupied as follows:

    • President – Rusmir Helja
    • Vice-Pres – Patrick Jasek
    • Treasurer – Lukas Riegler
    • Secretary – Basel Al-Darwisch

    Aiming to honor the legacy and build upon the accomplishments of the previous board iterations, we as the new board seek to blaze a trail through the coming year by setting into motion plans on propelling the chapter to new heights. Breaking new ground is a question of navigating the challenges of our ever-shifting environment in a forward-thinking nature all the while possessing a firm grasp on the essentials that have made our chapter what it is over its rich decades-long history. We’re determined to step up to the task and see through the implementation of new ideas and programs that will provide a plethora of opportunities that our students can harness tremendous value from.

    We look forward to getting to know everyone and welcoming new members into the fold. The maelstrom of cooperation knows no bounds, and in working together we can build a thriving community and tackle that which is yet to come with success and ingenuity.