SPE Student Chapter Leoben
SPE SC Leoben Travel Fund
Last Revised: 01. 04. 2015

In 2016, the SPE Student Chapter Leoben decided to establish a Travel Fund for its members that are going abroad to present their work at SPE Conferences.

In 2018, the SPE SC Leoben Travel Fund does not accept any applications due to internal restructuring. We will notify you when it is back. Thank you for your understanding!

SPE SC Leoben Travel Fund

  • Dedicated to SPE SC Leoben members (must also be a SPE International member) that are going to present their work (paper, poster, presentation) on a SPE or SPE related conference in countries other than Austria.
  • Amount of sponsoring is 50 EUR per Person; total amount is depending on travel costs. Travel costs summarize costs for hotel accommodation and tickets for public transportation (bus, metro, train, plane).
  • If two or more persons are presenting the same work together in the same event, they are counted as one person concerning the funding.
  • If the fund is not exhausted till the end of the year, the remaining amount will be split among the fund’s recipients.
  • There is no entitlement to receive funding.


  • Applicant must be a member of the SPE SC Leoben and also SPEI member at the time of application
  • The application must be submitted before the journey takes place
  • Abstract of the work must be sent together with the application
  • After the funding is granted by the board of SPE SC Leoben, the recipient must provide an overview of his travel expenses to the SPE SC Leoben and a report about his travel experience and presentation of work. This report is going to be published on the Chapter’s homepage (spe.dpe.ac.at) and also advertised via social media platforms. After fulfillment of these two requirements, the payment will be authorized.
  • An Austrian bank account is required so that a payment can be processed. Alternatively, the payment can also be in cash.

To apply for the SPE SC Leoben Tavel Fund you need to download the application form. Fill-in your data (can be easily done with the PDF form) and return the form to chapter@speleoben.com

Previous recipients

# Name Location Date Description More Information
1 David Thomas Kutas Stavanger and Bergen in Norway April 2016  Attendance to the SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health Safety Security Environment and Social Responsibility and presented his work “Subsea Blowout Source Control Technologies Utilized at the Macondo Accident and Developments in the Post-Macondo Era“ (SPE-180018-MS) at the SPE Bergen One-Day Seminar Article on our website: Catch a Glimpse of Two Conferences in Norway
2 Christian Mudrak & Nicola Zivelonghi Krakau in Poland April 2016 Presented their research “Flow Behaviour Investigation of a Sandstone Reservoir“ at the 7th EMW Congress International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo in at AGH University of Science and Technology Article on our website: East Meets West – a Personal Success Story
3 Alexis Koulidis & Jesse El-Aayi Katowice in Poland July 2016 Presented their research “Drilling Optimization with Payzone Drilling Simulator(TM) and Economic Analysis of Cost Reductions – A Case Study From Western Newfoundland Canada“ at the 7th International Geoscience Student Conference Article on our website: 7th IGSC – Katowice Poland
4 Florian Gamperl Gubkin University in Moscow November 2016 Presented his research "Methods of Predicting Drill Bit Performance" at Oil and Gas Horizons VIII Article on our website: Oil and Gas Horizons – the Success Story Continues