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Last Revised: 16. 04. 2015

Why become a member? There are several ways in which you can benefit from a membership in our Student Chapter.

Your Benefits

Benefits of the Local SPE Student Chapter

  • Attend company presentations of oil and gas companies. Company presentations are most often accompanied by recruiting sessions
  • Join technical presentations, such as the SPE Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Opportunity to attend various student conferences around the globe, like Annual Student Energy Conference (Zagreb), East Meets West (Krakow), Oil and Gas Horizons (Moscow) or the Future Petroleum Engineers Forum (Beijing) just to mention a few
  • Take part in the annual field trip and explore a different country along with the oil and gas industry (2014: Kazakhstan; 2015: Russia; 2016: Germany)
  • Field trips throughout the year (2016: OMV production facilities in Gänserndorf, visit of TU Clausthal SPE Student Chapter)
  • Receive rebates on oil and gas related books from various stores. Deadline for orders: 31st of August. Expected delivery: October/November
  • Attend professional trainings and workshops
  • Benefits at designated SPE Student Chapter Leoben events: Free drink at the annual SPE Oil BBQ, Christmas Celebration
  • Discounted “3” mobile phone contract: No activation fee, 2-months free base fee
  • Get active, take the chance of a unique volunteering experience in the field of oil and gas! Join the society and discuss about the Chapter’s future challenges

SPE International Benefits (only a few listed)

  • Apply for SPE scholarships
  • Discounts on textbooks and reference books
  • Compete in paper contests
  • Receive career advice from a mentor
  • Participate in SPE programs like eMentor


How to Apply for a Membership

For a complete registration for full membership in our Student Chapter you need to take few steps. First, you need to register at SPE International and the corresponding student chapter ‘Montanuniversitaet Leoben SPE Student Chapter’ to receive all benefits of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Secondly, join to local society ‘Verein der Erdölstudenten – SPE Student Chapter an der Montanuniversität Leoben’, to unlock and qualify for all local benefits.

Note that you will be informed about all our events by the official mailing system of SPE International, so please do not skip the first registration.

Join us via – simply follow the link, enter your data and transfer 10€ to our bank account. You will see the bank details at the end of the registration process.