SPE Student Chapter Leoben
Reservoir Modeling Workshop – from seismic to simulation

Summary about the event will be available after the event took place, until then please use the share tools below this text and spread the word or discover more content.

February 2017 will be a good time to learn about reservoir modeling.

Experts from OMV will visit Montanuniversitaet Leoben for an entire week to teach aboutseismic data processing for simulation.

This workshop is brought to you by a joint venture of OMV, ÖGEW and the SPE Student Chapter Leoben.


Successful participants will receive an official certificate, signed by OMV, ÖGEW and SPE. The workshop might be of great value for conducting a BSc or MSc thesis in the field of Reservoir Engineering and is definitely a considerable achievement in Your CV.


In order to register for this event follow the link below. Keep in mind that an active membership for 2017 at ÖGEW, SPE and VdE is obligatory.


Registration is possible until January 31st.


The preliminary agenda contains three modules – geophysics, static geomodeling and dynamic simulation

1. Geophysics

  • Time/depth seismic volumes
    • PSTM/PSDM seismic volumes
    • How to import and handle them
  • 3D Seismic interpretation
    • How to set up a project in Petrel
    • Wells, well tops, logs, …
    • Seismic horizon picking
  • Depth conversion
    • Simple velocity model building
    • Depth conversion uncertainty
  • Mapping
    • Gridding algorithms
    • Map editing and well adjustment

2. Static geomodeling

  • Structural modeling
    • Well correlation
    • Fault modeling
    • Horizon modeling
  • Property modeling
    • Porosity modeling
    • Permeability modeling
    • Water saturation modeling

3. Dynamic simulation

  • Data Input
    • Fluids, SCAL, Production
  • Initialization
  • History matching
  • Forecasting