Annual Student Energy Conference 2015

ASEC was initiated last year by the University of Zagreb SPE Student Chapter, with the mission statement to bring together the best students and young professionals from all over the world to present the latest developments in the world of energy, with a strong focus on oil and gas since the mother organization is the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb.

The conference took place in the wonderful capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, right in the city center – so fun was obviously guaranteed for the participants. Moreover, the staff also provided extra programs for the attendants above the compelling keynotes and presentations. Participants could take an excursion to INA’s Oil Refinery to Rijeka and also to the local historical gold and silver mine called “Zrinski”. Between the presentations topical lunches and dinners were served.

Two Leobner students were in the group of attendees. Haiwad Ahmad participated from the first until the last day:

It was a nice and well coordinated event. Everything went well as per schedule as the organizing committee was efficient. The excursion to the refinery was quite interesting.

David Kutas (he held a presentation with the title of “Operation Analysis of the Big Wind”) could only join for the last two days of the conference:

I was blown away by the so well prepared organizers, and interesting program. Parties after the official program also made the event even more cool.

SPE SC MUL encourages students to take part of this movement and submit abstracts for the next year conference. It is really worth to go: fun, science and last but not least, networking with other students, industry professionals comes together there.

Hello World: We Have a New Website

It was a long road, but we just arrived. We have worked hard for months and months to be able to present a website to you and to the world which we can be proud of and which can help us spread the world about the news around our chapter and Montanuniversität Leoben.

The idea…

We hope, the new website will enable our readers to get know more, about our news, events right in front of the computer, or even on the go. Moreover, we would like to take this experience and value to a whole new level by collecting, and sharing stories, information, photos, knowledge about our industry and from our former students and industry professionals. With the new website we would like to create a long-life platform which can connect our past and present and through this: lead us to the future.

Some words about the structure

On the front page you can see the latest news, and some of our most important content like Students4Students. You can also start searching for content right in the header by clicking on the Search symbol in the top-right corner. In the Archives menu point you can filter what you are looking for by categories, tags and also by date. We have a separated section for the past and upcoming events in the Events menu point.

So, buckle up and start browsing, we have a lot to check!

If you like us, join us, and help us. Reaching more goals is only possible with your contribution.

Build the Future of Our University with Us

There are several ways in which you can benefit from a membership in our Student Chapter:

  • get access to company presentations where companies such as Wintershall, BP, OMV, Baker Hughes and many more present themselves to the students
  • benefit from special discounts exclusively for SPE SC Leoben members at the annual book order campain
  • take your chance to participate in the SPE SC Leoben Fieldtrip
  • be part of a great community and start building your own network in the oil and gas industry now: globally with a membership at SPE International and locally with the SPE SC Leoben

Learn more about us:

We hope that we can welcome you in our idea factory soon!

OPEC Presentation

The event took place in Erzherzog Johann Auditorium, which was filled with interested and eager students. It started with a brief introduction on the origins and history of OPEC, delivering key insight to its former and ongoing operations and aims. Afterwards the annual bulletin was presented and the event concluded with an insightful Q & A session.

It was a very intriguing and insightful event, providing a glimpse into one of the biggest and most important organizations in the oil & gas industry. Thus, we would like to extend a big thank you to OPEC and its representatives. Further, we would like to acknowledge the great work of our dear colleague Hasnaa Lamik, who made the event possible.

The Headquarters of the SPE SC Leoben

Our small but nice office is located next to the RWZ building, within the heart of Leoben. What looks modest from the outside offers inside a great space for planning and implementing our ideas.

If you want to stop by some time just contact us. Don’t forget to check out our news to learn even more about Archives.


We are looking forward meeting you! Spread the word and share this news with other students or collegues of yours!